Advances for Networks & Internet

Symposium Chair and Vice-Chairs
    John W. Lockwood, Washington University in St. Louis, USA,
    George Kesidis, Penn State University, USA,
    Changcheng Huang, Carleton University, Canada
This IEEE GLOBECOM 2005 symposium highlights recent advances for network and Internet technology that enable global deployment of network services. Topics covered in this symposium include network design, Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), and traffic engineering. Networks are described that efficiently distribute content using multicast, overlays, and peer-to-peer networks. Technologies for wireless Local Area Networks (LANs), mobile networks, and sensor networks are presented. New devices are described that provide faster, cheaper, and more efficient ways to classify, switch, route, and process packets. Techniques are described that provide Quality of Service (QoS) by allocating bandwidth, controlling admission of traffic flows, and scheduling packets to ensure real-time delivery of data. Challenges and solutions are presented for processing of real-time traffic that includes streaming audio, streaming video, and IP Telephony.

Topics of interest:
Communications Quality and Reliability
Communications Software
Communications Switching and Routing
Network Design
Traffic Engineering

Fault Tolerant Networks
Quality of Service
Packet Scheduling
Admission Control
Fair Bandwidth Allocation
Congestion Control Mechanisms

Load Balancing
Resource Management
Wireless LANs
Mobile Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless Channel Estimation

Medium Access Control
Forward Error Correction
Multicast & Group communications
Content Distribution Networks
Overlay Networks
Peer-to-Peer Networks

Packet Classification
Data Analysis and Filtering
Network Switching
Network Routing
Packet Header Compression
Packet Processor Architectures

Network Processing
Design issues for IPv6
Real-Time Traffic
Audio and video streaming
SIP / VoIP / IP Telephony
Technical Program Committee:
(in alphabetical order)
  • Mohammed Atiquzzaman, University of Oklahoma
  • Laxmi Bhuyan, UC Riverside
  • Patrick Crowley, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Li Cui, Institute of Computing Technology
  • Xidong Deng, St. Cloud University
  • Anwar Elwalid, Lucent
  • Do Young Eun, NCSU
  • Ada Gavrilovska, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Alan George, University of Florida
  • Changcheng Huang, Carleton University
  • Scott Jordan, UC Irvine
  • Koushik Kar, RPI
  • George Kesidis, Penn State
  • Xian Liu, UALR

  • John Lockwood, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Peter Marbach, University of Toronto
  • David Miller, Penn State
  • John Musacchio, UC Santa Cruz
  • Symeon Papavassiliou, NJIT
  • Radha Poovendran, University of Washington
  • Priya Ranjan, University of Maryland
  • Saswati Sarkar, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jonathan Shapiro, Michigan State
  • James Sterbenz, Lancaster University (UK) and UMass-Amherst
  • Min Song, Old Dominion University
  • Oliver Yang, University of Ottawa
  • Sungwon Yi, Penn State
  • Moshe Zukerman, University of Melbourne