Plenary Speakers
Gary Forsee
Chairman and CEO of Sprint Communications
Opening Plenary Keynote, Tuesday 9:00-10:15 am
Redefining the Telecommunications Industry

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Gary D. Forsee is chairman and chief executive officer of Sprint Corporation. He became chairman of the Board of Directors in May 2003 following his appointment as chief executive officer in March 2003. He has been designated chief executive officer and president of Sprint Nextel when that merger closes, which is expected later in 2005.

Forsee has spent more than 30 years in the telecommunications industry. Under his leadership as chairman and CEO, Sprint has emerged as one of the telecommunications industry's strongest competitors. Forsee transformed Sprint's operational structure by moving from product-focused divisions to a customer-centric model, allowing Sprint to more effectively market its broad portfolio of services and to focus on innovative retail and wholesale strategies that emphasize strategic partnerships. He combined Sprint's two tracking stocks into a single stock representing all of the company's assets. In 2004, Sprint's equity value increased by 72 percent, far outpacing the performance of every major industry competitor and outdistancing the major indices by significant margins. BusinessWeek magazine recognized him as one of the 19 best managers of 2004.

Prior to taking Sprint's top position, Forsee served as vice chairman of BellSouth Corporation where he had responsibility for all of BellSouth's domestic operations and chaired the Cingular Wireless joint venture. Upon joining BellSouth in September 1999, Forsee managed staff functions throughout the corporation and subsequently was president of BellSouth International.

Forsee initially joined Sprint in December of 1989 in the Government Systems Division, where he was president. Over the next nine years, he served as president-Business Services Group, interim chief executive officer of Sprint PCS, and president and chief operating officer of Sprint's Long Distance Division. In 1998, Forsee assumed the position of president and chief executive officer of Global One located in Brussels, Belgium, a joint venture of Sprint, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom.

Prior to joining Sprint, Forsee was with AT&T and Southwestern Bell for almost 18 years. The position he held prior to moving to Sprint was vice president of government sales and programs in AT&T's Federal Systems division.

Forsee holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla. He presently serves on the University of Missouri-Rolla Board of Trustees and is a member of The Business Roundtable, where he is a member of the CEO Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy, The Business Council, the Kansas City Civic Council and serves on the board of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. He was appointed to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee by President Bush in May of 2004. Forsee previously served as chairman of the National Board of Trustees of the March of Dimes.
Jonathan Turner, Ph.D
Professor at Washington University at St. Louis
Plenary Keynote, Wednesday 9:00-10:15 am

Network Diversification - Enabling Innovation in Network Services

Jonathan S. Turner received the MS and PhD degrees in computer science from Northwestern University in 1979 and 1981. He holds the Henry Edwin Sever Chair of Engineering at Washington University, and is Director of the Applied Research Laboratory. The Applied Research Laboratory creates experimental networking technology to validate and demonstrate new research innovations. The Lab's current projects center on extensible networking technology with a particular focus on high performance diversified routers.

Professor Turner served as Chief Scientist for Growth Networks, a startup company that developed scalable switching components for Internet routers and ATM switches, before being acquired by Cisco Systems in early 2000.

His primary research interests revolve around the design and analysis of switching systems, with special interest in systems supporting multicast communication. His research interests also include the study of algorithms and computational complexity, with particular interest in the probable performance of heuristic algorithms for NP-complete problems.

Turner is a fellow of ACM and a fellow of the IEEE. He received the Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award from the IEEE in 1994 and the IEEE Millenium Medal in 2000. He has been awarded more than 25 patents for his work on switching systems and has many widely cited publications.

Joan Woodard, Ph.D.
Executive Vice-President at Sandia Laboratories
Closing Plenary Keynote, Thursday 9:00-10:15 am
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Security Implications of Future Networking and Communications Systems

Dr. Joan Woodard is currently the Executive Vice President and the Deputy Director for Sandia National Laboratories. She is responsible for Sandia's programs, operations, staff, and facilities; for developing policy and assuring implementation; and is responsible for strategic planning for the laboratory mission direction and quality of program performance. She chairs the laboratory management councils for Mission and for Risk Management Oversight, each comprised of the appropriate laboratory vice presidents. She also has the responsibility for the laboratory independent assessment of weapons' safety, security, and reliability.
Prior to her current appointment, Woodard was Vice President of the Energy Information and Infrastructure Technology Division. Her responsibilities included energy-related projects in fossil and renewable energy supply technology, geosciences, nuclear power safety and severe accident analysis; environment-related programs in remediation, nuclear waste management and repository certification as well as waste minimization; information technology programs in information surety, command-and-control systems, and distributed information systems; and programs responsible for security of the transportation of nuclear weapons and special nuclear materials and safety of commercial aviation.

Woodard joined Sandia in 1974 and conducted research in areas ranging from economic analysis of energy technologies and heat transfer phenomenon during combustion processes to waste management and pollution prevention. As Director of the Environmental Programs Center, she managed research-and-development programs, including site characterization and remediation technology, radioactive material transportation technology, and mixed waste separation processes and materials. She has worked in the national security and weapons programs of the lab leading a materials support group and managing the Neutron Generator and Explosives Component Center.

Joan currently serves on external panels and boards including the Intelligence Science Board (ISB) and the Army Science Board (ASB), where she has supported studies on Force Protection and Future Comb at System for Urban Operations. She has served on the Congressional Commission to Assess the Vulnerabilities of the US Infrastructure to Electromagnetic Pulse, as a study group member for the Defense Science Board (DSB) study on Homeland Security, and as co-chair of the special study of the National Security Space Program (NSSP) for the DoD and CIA. She also served on the National Academy Study on S&T for Countering Terrorism, resulting in the publication report "Making the Nation Safer." Joan is a lifetime member of the Society of Women Engineers; a member of the New Mexico Women's Forum; a member of the University of Missouri-Rolla Dean's Engineering Advisory Board and Board of Trustees; a member of the University of New Mexico School of Engineering Board of Visitors; a member of the Kirtland Honorary Commanders Advisory Council; and a member of the Family Security Group Board of Advisors Center for Security Policy. She serves on the Board of Directors of Bosque School and the Board of Directors for the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. Woodard also serves as a corporate director for PNM Resources, Inc. (NYSE), serving on both the Finance and Governance & Public Policy Committees. She is a graduate of the Stanford Directors' College (2004).

Woodard holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Sciences) from the University of California Berkeley; a M.S. in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University; and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Missouri-Rolla (magna cum laude). She has been elected to the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.